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6 Design Hacks That Will Add Movement to Your Workday

Posted by Parisa Mirzadegan on August 15, 2017

Our team at FluidStance wants to help you be moved, especially as you go through your workday. While we have some great tips for adding movement to your office for free, we've also been asked about ways that design can influence how much movement you get throughout the workday. These design...

7 Awesome Office Design Trends You Should Know About

Posted by Fluidstance Team on August 08, 2017

When it comes to your office, you want it to feel like your home away from home: after all, you're spending most of your day there, so it should feel and look amazing. Several office trends are gaining popularity among professionals who want to redesign their office in 2017 and beyond—these are...

8 Best Backpack Stuffers for Back-to-School 2017

Posted by Parisa Mirzadegan on August 01, 2017

Summer is winding down, and it’s time for the most exciting (or dreaded, depending on the kid) time of year: back-to-school! No matter how your kid feels about heading back into the classroom, they’re sure to have a long list of back-to-school supplies that needs tackling. Rather than sticking...

7 Revitalizing Yoga Poses to Try at Your Standing Desk

Posted by Ryan Mandell on July 27, 2017

Movement is essential to a healthy lifestyle: motion and balance are keys to sustaining one’s mental capacity and flowing through life with ease. Try these seven poses at your desk, and watch how you and your work shift in a positive direction.

8 Walking Tours You Won't Want to Miss

Posted by Fluidstance Team on July 20, 2017

Whether a casual afternoon stroll or a strenuous several-day journey is more your speed, there’s a walking tour out there for you. Walking tours are a great way to add movement to your vacation; some let you spend an afternoon exploring a new area, while others constitute the vacation itself....

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