6 Revitalizing Yoga Poses to Try at Your Standing Desk

Posted by Ryan Mandell on August 11, 2016


Movement is essential to a healthy lifestyle: motion and balance are keys to sustaining one’s mental capacity and flowing through life with ease. Try these 6 poses at your desk, and watch how you and your work shift in a positive direction.

  1. Mountain Pose Tadasana: The most basic standing pose, this is great for posture and core strength. For this pose, simply gaze forward, relax your shoulders, engage your core, keep your knees soft, and slightly tuck your pelvis forward—that’s it! (If you do this for over 3 minutes, you should be sweating.)mountain pose yoga
  2. Eagle: This is a great stretch for the neck, shoulders, and upper back, and it will strengthen your legs and improve your balance. Bend your knees, lift your heart, bring your right arm underneath your left, and wrap at the elbows and the wrists. Have fun with this one and embody the eagle: swift, graceful, and strong!eagle pose yoga
  3. Tree Pose: A basic, beginner-friendly balance pose. All balance poses are good for core strength and mental focus. Set your right foot onto the ground, grab your left knee and bring it up, rotating your left leg to the side, and place your foot above or below your knee (just not on the knee). Stretch your arms above your head or out to the sides to embody your favorite tree and root through the center of your feet. Switch legs and repeat.tree pose yoga
  4. Standing or Seated Side Stretch: We often focus on stretching either the back or the front of the body, while neglecting our sides. Keep a neutral spine, lift your rib cage, bring your palms together above your head, inhale, tilt to one side with an exhale, then inhale to come up; repeat on the opposite side. This side stretch is easy to perform and can be modified to be as intense or gentle as you would like.standing side stretch yoga
  5. Forward Fold: Interlace hands behind your back for this basic forward bend that can be done sitting or standing. Just make sure you bend from the hip joints instead of the waist: you have hinges at your hips for a reason.forward bend yoga
  6. Frame: Place each elbow into the opposite palm. Take a moment to really fit the center of each elbow bone into the center of of each palm. Once you have that fit, imagine that you’re pulling your arms apart, even as you hold them together well, and feel the opening in your lungs and liver. Breathe spaciously for 5 breaths, pulling out to the sides, holding in to the center, and lifting up the frame of your arms. This can be done standing or seated. 

Photos courtesy of Yoga Journal