Go Green: 8 Eco-Friendly Bamboo Holiday Gifts

Looking for the greenest gifts this holiday season? We’ve all heard about how bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable materials, helping to combat deforestation and replace traditional wood products. At FluidStance®, we use bamboo in our Original Handmade Level® and Level Grain, as well as our Holster™ 2.0. It’s all part of our greater commitment to preserving the planet by mitigating the impact of manufacturing. To help you get a leg up on holiday shopping, we’ve gathered up the top 8 bamboo holiday gifts for the eco-warrior in your life—or for anyone on your list who just loves great design.

 1. To-Go Ware’s RePEaT Utensil Set – $12.95. 

Perfect for the pal that’s always on the go, this set of bamboo utensils can be clipped on and carried anywhere to reduce plastic waste.

2. A Bamboo Home in Haiti – Kickstarter

Build a bamboo home in Haiti via Kickstarter – any amount. Donate in your friend’s name to help the people of Cormiers, Haiti, build a home made of local bamboo for a family affected by Hurricane Matthew.

3. Sur La Table’s Crushed Bamboo Cutting Board – $19.95 – $29.95. 

This beautiful and eco-friendly cutting board will complement the décor of any kitchen.

4. Audioengine’s A5+ Powered Speakers in Bamboo – $375. 

Audioengine’s business practices prioritize sustainability, especially when crafting this set of hand-finished bamboo speakers.

5. West Elm’s Bamboo Wireless Keyboard + Mouse – $99. 

Instantly make any workstation eco-chic with this 100% bamboo tech accessory.

6. Swell Vision’s “The Cowboy” Bamboo Watch – $125. 

Lightweight bamboo and genuine leather come together in “The Cowboy” to create a stylish, eco-conscious timepiece.

7. One-of-a-kind bamboo textile scarf from Etsy – $60. 

This one’s not your typical bamboo product: when bamboo fibers are woven into fabric, the result is the lightweight, natural material used to create this unique scarf.

8. The FluidStance Level – $389 – $489. 

The perfect bamboo holiday gifts list has to include the Level. With a bamboo top deck milled and finished in California, the Level helps you stay in motion throughout the workday while prioritizing sustainability and health—not just for yourself, but also for Mother Earth.