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Innovation You.

Invest 70% of your time and resources in the core aspects of your life. The things that keep the lights on with all systems go for your body, family, core friends and your fiduciary responsibilities. Make a 20% investment in adjacent exploration of your daily life with adventure, travel, the edge of personal athleticism (regardless if that is a 5K or 100), reading, new hobbies and getting to know people outside your core. Lastly, make a 10% investment in areas that will have the opportunity to make transformational changes in your life in the next decade.

FluidStance Founder Joel Heath Talks about the Key to a Happy Workday

FluidStance Founder & CEO Joel Heath made an appearance last week on Business Rockstars, a content producer focused on featuring CEOs, startups, and entrepreneurs. Joel spoke with host Pat O’Brien about everything from the inception of FluidStance and his innovation process, to the key to a happy workday and Joel’s favorite superhero. Tune in to watch the full interview!  Do you have ideas on what makes a happy...