How to Light You and Your Workspace Up

If you work from home or the office, you have frequent video calls and know how important it is to look good on camera. But did you know that the lighting in your workspace can also affect your mood, energy, focus, and creativity?

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using task and video call lighting at your desk and introduce you to our newest hardware that can help you achieve optimal lighting for any situation.

What is task and video call lighting?

Task lighting is a type of lighting that provides focused illumination for a specific activity or area, such as reading, writing, crafting, or working on a computer. Task lighting helps reduce eye strain, improve visibility, and enhance comfort.

Video/web call lighting is a subset of task lighting that aims to make you look better on camera by eliminating harsh shadows, glares, reflections, and color distortions. Video call lighting also helps convey your facial expressions and body language more clearly, which can improve communication and rapport.

Why use task and video call lighting?

There are many reasons why using task and video call lighting can benefit you both personally and professionally at your desk. Here are some of them:

  • It boosts your productivity: By using task lighting that mimics natural light or complements it with adjustable brightness and color temperature settings, you can reduce eyestrain and work more comfortably for longer periods of time.
  • It enhances your mood: By using task lighting that allows you to adjust the light level according to the time of day and your personal preference, you can create a more pleasant and healthy work environment.
  • It improves your creativity: By using task lighting that offers different color modes, you can change the ambiance of your workspace and spark your imagination.
  • It makes you look more professional: By using video call lighting that provides even, soft, and flattering illumination for your face, you can look more confident, trustworthy, and attractive on every video call.

How to use task and video call lighting effectively?

Here are some tips on how to use task and video call lighting effectively:

  • Choose a suitable location: Ideally, you want to set up your desk near a window that faces north or south. This way, you can take advantage of natural light without getting direct sunlight that may cause glare or overheating.
  • Adjust the angle: The best angle for task and video call lighting is slightly above eye level. This way, you avoid casting shadows under your eyes or nose that may make you look tired or angry. You also avoid shining light directly into your eyes that may cause squinting or discomfort.
  • Adjust the brightness: The best brightness for task and video call lighting depends on several factors, such as the natural light in your room, the size of your screen, and your personal preference. You want to avoid having too much or too little light that may cause glare or dimness on camera. You can use the wireless remote control to adjust the brightness level from 5% to 100% according to your needs.
  • Adjust the color temperature: The color temperature of light refers to how warm or cool it appears, measured in kelvins (K). Different color temperatures can create different moods and effects on camera. For example, warm light (2700K) can make you look more friendly and relaxed, while cool light (5500K) can make you look more alert and professional. You can use a wireless remote control to switch between three programmed color modes: cold (5500K), neutral (4000K), and warm (2700K) according to your preference.
  • Experiment with different combinations: There is no one-size-fits-all solution for task and video call lighting. The best way to find out what works for you is to experiment with different combinations of angle, brightness, and color temperature until you find your sweet spot. You can also rotate each of the three independent light sources 360 degrees for customizable lighting depending on your situation.

Introducing Illum™ by FluidStance®

If you are looking for a versatile and high-quality task and video call lighting solution, you may want to check out Illum by FluidStance. Illum is a triple-light desk lamp system that features an adjustable gooseneck and 360-degree rotation on each of the three LED fixtures. It also comes with a wireless remote control that lets you adjust the brightness level and color mode with ease.

Illum is designed to provide optimal lighting for any workspace, whether you are working from home or in an office. It uses flicker-free LED light beads that reduce blue light exposure and protect your eyes from strain. It also has a sturdy and adjustable clamp that fits most desks up to 3 inches thick, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off or taking up too much space.

Illum has a sleek and modern design that complements any decor style. It has a matte black finish with silver accents, and a minimalist logo on the base. It also has a long lifespan of over 30,000 hours, which means you don’t have to replace it anytime soon.

Illum is more than just a desk lamp; it’s a system that allows you to create a space that moves you. Whether you need bright and cool light for an important presentation, or dim and warm light for a cozy chat, illum can help you achieve it.