The Movement Starts at Home

For most of us, home is a sanctuary—a place to relax, unwind, and rest. When it comes to motion, we often place the emphasis away from this sanctuary: at gyms, swimming pools, bike paths, etc. While these methods of motion are great and often irreplaceable, we could become less dependent on them if we all moved around a bit more while at home. At the very least, motion at home can complement the outside activities that keep our minds and bodies in shape. After all, even regular exercise doesn’t counter the unhealthy effects of too much sitting.There truly is no place like home: take advantage of your refuge and incorporate some daily motion into your regular routine. Here are a few tips from FluidStance on how to add more movement (and more fun!) into your days and nights: 

Couch potato no more: Create a commercial-based exercise regimen while watching television. 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups during each commercial break will get you off the couch and make you question your mindless snacking habits.

Embrace the dirty work: From gardening, to pool maintenance, to a gutter clean-out, a do-it-yourself attitude will not only save you money, but it will also help burn calories. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as you improve your home aesthetic.

Cleanliness is next to godliness: Crank up the tunes and take on your list of chores. Dust, scrub, and sweep your way to a healthy heart rate. The harder you clean, the cleaner your home and the healthier your body. Win, win, win.

Just dance: Finished the housecleaning? Keep those tunes going and whip out some dance moves. Dance like no one’s watching. After all, you’re in your own home and, well, no one is watching.

Bring a FluidStance deck into your home: Whoever said cooking, folding laundry, or scrolling through your tablet have to be stationary activities? Introduce the benefits of balance and fluidity to your household routines, and give new life to the mundane. The new FluidStance Plane™ makes it easier than ever to add subtle movement wherever you are.