Robb Report Health & Wellness Summit 2015: Top 5 Takeaways

gluten-free cooking classes were only a few of the many activities offered at the summit.

Our top five takeaways from the summit:

1) Mallika Chopra’s 15 second meditation tip: stop, focus on your breath, and proceed.

2) Ballroom dancing is great for your brain health, according to Dr. Kate Zhong, whose research focuses on neurodegenerative disorders.

3) Dr. Michael Roizen’s insight into stress: “It’s not the event that’s causing the stress. It’s your reaction to it.”

4) Boxing keeps your brain sharp: George Foreman III notes the benefits of responding to external stimuli with your whole body working in sync.

5) The secret to satisfying, healthy snacking: protein, fiber, or both—plus heart-healthy fat—keep you and your body happy, according to author and nutrition expert Joy Bauer.

With an emphasis on both physical and mental wellbeing, this year’s Robb Report Heath & Wellness Summit delivered an experience not to be forgotten, leaving guests refreshed and feeling healthier than ever. We’re eagerly anticipating what’s to come in the following years!