When is the Optimal Time to Workout?

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Exercise is vital to a person’s well-being, especially as we get older. Making time during the day to exercise and be active – along with eating right and getting plenty of sleep – is necessary to ensure that we remain happy and healthy in our lives. So, when is the best time to work out during the day? Here are some guidelines for the best times to work out during the day.

The first thing to remember when preparing your workout schedule? Everyone is different when it comes to their workouts. Don’t get intimidated by those super-early risers who are up exercising before the sun or night owls pounding weights after that sun goes down. They’re not you – only you are you. If those extreme times work for you, then that’s great! However, if they don’t, be sure to develop a schedule that works for you.

The optimal time you should be working out is the time that you make it – and the one that consistently works for you. Look at your work schedule and your personal schedule, pick a consistent time and stick with it. That may mean exercising before work, after work, during your lunch hour, or whenever you can carve out that time for yourself to get the exercising done.

Once you decide on a time and a schedule for your workouts, stick with it. Your body will adapt to the workout schedule to prepare yourself for the rigors that exercise puts you through. Soon enough – and with plenty of consistency – you’ll see plenty of positive results.

Along with that consistent timing, there are a few other things you should do to maximize the results of your workout during the day:

  • Stay well-hydrated. It’s essential that you stay very well-hydrated throughout the day – and throughout the workout – to get the best results and maintain energy throughout exercising. The eight glasses a day rule is a good one to remember when planning out your water intake. However, your body may need a bit more if you’re exercising consistently. Be sure to drink water before, during, and after the workout to stay hydrated and help the body recover.
  • Don’t forget to eat. Healthy eating is essential to a healthy life. Make sure you combine this with eating habits that give you the critical energy you need to work out. Those who exercise first thing in the morning may be okay with just a light, healthy snack, or an empty stomach. Those who exercise later in the day or the evening need to fuel up with a meal with (healthy) carbohydrates and plenty of protein. This combination ensures that you’ll have the drive required to rock your workout!

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