7 Ways to Ring in a Motion-Filled New Year

After a long year of hard work, the holidays provide a great excuse for some well-deserved R&R. However, a lull in your busy routine may leave you in a state of lethargy. Jumping back into your day-to-day lifestyle may seem like a challenge, but luckily the New Year provides a clean slate on which we can make some changes, big and small.

Although the local gym may seem like an obvious solution, there are a number of alternative ways to add a little movement to your new year. The key to successfully implementing changes is to pick a strategy that best suits your lifestyle. We’ve compiled a quick list of ideas for the uber-determined, as well as the moderately inspired seekers of a motion-filled new year.

Make a realistic resolution: 

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for ending prematurely. But why? University of Victoria professor, Ryan Rhodes, points to unrealistic goals. For example, if you’re not an early riser, it’s best to avoid setting resolutions that require early workouts. What else can you do to stick to your resolution? Include a friend with similar goals. Sometimes all we need is a friend to keep us motivated. Rely on each other to consistently engage in an exercise regimen.

Rescue a dog: 

Save the life of an unwanted pet, and you’ll save your exercise aspirations. There’s no better motivation for getting outside and walking than having two big brown eyes stare up at you in anticipation. In addition to getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing, a daily walk with Rover can provide a greater sense of community by helping you get to know your neighbors. Even just a brief stroll around the block will do wonders for your psyche.

Put Christmas gifts to use: 

The latest breakthroughs in fitness tracker technologies have created a number of wearable products that flew off the shelves this holiday season. If you were lucky enough to receive one of these nifty gadgets, get the most out of it! Download the company’s complimentary data-collecting smartphone app, and allow technology to motivate you to improve statistics and stay active.

Say “no” to escalators and elevators: 

While technology has improved our lives in many ways, some innovations have made us lazy. Though they’re tempting, skip the automated people movers and take the stairs instead. 

Embrace the “bad” parking spot: 

While a conveniently located parking spot may make your life easier, it certainly doesn’t add movement to your day. Flip your perspective on what constitutes a “bad” parking spot. Park a couple blocks from your destination and appreciate the newfound moment of movement.

Play ball: 

Whether it’s a tennis ball, a super ball, or a basketball, having one in your hand makes it hard to sit still. Toss and catch a ball or with a friend, play handball against a wall, or learn to juggle. Playing with a ball can help build hand-eye coordination, but they’re not just for kids; now that you’re all grown up, a ball can help keep you movin’ and groovin’.

Surf your desk in the new year: 

Don’t let your physical workspace slow down your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Sitting at a desk for forty hours a week can contribute to stiff joints and tight muscles, and—bad news—standing still at your standing desk isn’t ideal for your body either. FluidStance decks are here to save the day—or, better yet, the year—by allowing you to engage in subtle, natural movement at your desk or in your home. Whether you’ve joined the standing-at-work movement or are simply looking for a way to move more wherever you find yourself feeling too sedentary, a FluidStance deck introduces the perfect amount of flow to a motionless workday.