FluidStance’s Founder on Where The Standing Desk Movement Will Land

I am often asked what I think about the recent momentum of the standing desk movement, so I thought I would offer a quick post on where I believe the shift will ultimately land. 

As many workers have begun to disrupt the traditional ideology of the seated eight + hour workday, it is important to remember what I like to call the M&M’s (Movement and Moderation).  At FluidStance, we have never thought that sitting was the Anti-Christ or that standing was the silver bullet.  We believe there is a time to sit, a time to stand and most importantly a time to flow.   

We imagine the ultimate solution is the movement in one’s day that will create the moderation among all three (sit, stand and flow)… to the point that sitting will feel good (and be productive) once again.  

So regardless if HR or the facility’s team has yet to approve a standing desk, treadmill desk or even a Level® – it is imperative to find a way to create movement in everyone’s day, today. If you are lucky enough to have a standing desk, make sure it doesn’t become another medium for sedentary events like standing still.  If you have already found a way to put movement under your feet, don’t be above taking a seat and giving your body and mind the ability to take a “pause.”  M&M is where we all should land.    

One last thought. It is no longer our jobs as leaders to inspire our employees; it is now our calling to move them as well.

 Live, Moved. 

– Joel, Founder of FluidStance®