6 Great Supplies for Back-to-School 2018

What a fun summer it’s been! Beaches, national parks, pool days, and more have filled the last few months, but now it’s time to head back to school. We searched around for the most fun and unique gifts you can get for your child to help get them the to the top of their class this school year. Here are our top 6 supplies for back-to-school.

1. Soular Backpack ($45):

We know there are a ton of backpack options out there, but we love to support companies doing social good. So here’s a backpack that gives back. Not only are these unisex designed backpacks durable and roomy for all your child’s school supplies, Soular operates on the one-for-one model in which every backpack you purchase leads to an East African child in need receiving a backpack too. You can feel good knowing your kid is well equipped for their day and you’re helping someone else in need too. There’s even a vegan leather option.

2. Novelty Flash Drives (price varies): 

School curriculums these days have kids learning to be tech savvy at a young age. We love that students are being encouraged to expand their interests with the early introduction of classes like coding, engineering, or photography, inspiring them to think outside of the box no matter how old they are. Help your little computer scientist save their work and stand out from the crowd with a fun flash drive inspired by their favorite animal, sport, or snack!

3. Dry Erase Wall Calendar ($57.60): 

Play rehearsals, sports practice, parent teacher conferences, oh my! You’ve got a lot on your plate and keeping yourself and your kids up to date with their schedules can be a real doozy. Put this large, dry erase wall calendar up in a central place in your home to keep your family all on the same page and ready for whatever is up on the agenda next. We love the retro chalkboard look so reminiscent of our own “back to school” days.

4. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 ($69.99): 

Your kids are active all summer and we don’t want that to stop when they return back to school. It’s important to instill fitness habits early and make sure your child understands the positive benefits of movement and activity for their focus and health. Garmin offers one of the best kid-friendly activity trackers out there, and even cooler is their partnership with Disney and Marvel. Accompanied by a free mobile app, parents can help manage activity levels, even assign chores and schedule alerts. Make staying active a fun game by encourage your kids to hit a certain goal, create a reward system when they hit activity levels, or challenge them to break their own activity record every day.

5. Reusable Lunch Box ($55.95): 

This was an easy pick for our top 6 supplies for back-to-school. We love the Rover lunch box from PlanetBox. Cut down on waste with these eco-friendly, reusable, non-toxic and safe stainless steel lunch boxes. With five separate compartments, your child will enjoy variety in her meals, keeping food interesting and fun. Reminiscent of old school metal lunch boxes, this one is retro cool with new school updates, from customizable magnet sets to insulated lunch bags (sold separately). Easy to clean, this lunch box will last for years. Going green is always in style.

Supplies for Back-to-School

6. FluidStance Grade® ($129): 

If your child always seems to be in motion, help them channel that energy into subtle underfoot movement with the Grade. It’s perfect for time spent doing homework, watching TV, or playing video games, and can even be used at standing-height tables in the classroom. Let your student be moved this school year.

Supplies for Back-to-School

Happy Back to School! We wish you and your families all the best.

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