5 Tips For Getting Rid Of Brain Fog

Multi-tasking has become the way of our world and can make it hard for us to focus on all that we need to do. Brain fog is a feeling of being forgetful, having a lack of clarity, and an inability to focus. Improving mental clarity leads to better overall performance in your professional and personal life. Adopting these 5 useful, healthy tips will help you clear brain fog and improve overall focus.

Get Some Sleep

There is a reason people use the old phrase, “Sleep on it.” When you are tired, you cannot think clearly and become more forgetful. Fatigue has a hugely negative impact on your overall cognitive function. Adults should adopt the healthy habit of getting seven to nine hours per night, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Monitor Diet

Many of the foods we love to eat can be detrimental to our brain health and implementing a well-balanced diet can be the key to improving your focus. Additionally, limiting your carbohydrate intake can ward off sluggish feelings and reduce caffeine staves off that “crashing” feeling. Work on adding these foods into your diet to realize their brain fog-busting abilities.

Get Up and Move

Exercise benefits your brain in several ways and is an effective way to clear your brain fog. Harvard Health notes, “Exercise boosts your memory and thinking skills both directly and indirectly.” Simply moving your body can help you regain your focus. Strenuous, intense workouts are not necessary; take up yoga, stretch, or go for a walk.


Self-care through meditation and mindfulness has positive benefits that impact your life in many ways. Meditating clears your mind and allows you to regain your focus. Taking a few moments each day for mindful meditation improves your overall brain function.

See Your Doctor (as a Precaution)

If you have actively made changes to your lifestyle or diet and are still experiencing brain fog regularly, a visit to your physician may be in order. Your doctor will conduct tests to determine whether there is an underlying health cause contributing to your inability to focus. Additionally, your doctor may prescribe vitamins or supplements that have brain-boosting abilities.

Brain fog can be attributed to many factors and must be addressed particularly if it is impacting your daily life. Mental clarity is essential to your overall well-being and there are ways to enhance it. Applying these healthy, restorative tips and taking some time for self-care can help lift your brain fog. Visit the FluidStance blog for more wellness tips.

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