FluidStance® on the Blogosphere, Part 1

As we’ve mentioned before, we love blogs. We’re excited to share some reviews that we’ve received on the blogosphere this year. Read up on a few bloggers who wrote about their experiences on the Level®: 

1) Writer Unboxed

“To my surprise (and immense relief), it’s not at all difficult to maintain your balance on this thing. And it’s kinda fun, too. I found myself purposely rocking back and forth. At first I was extremely conscious of the balancing act I was performing, but when I started focusing on my writing, the act of standing on this thing – and not falling off – became far more unconscious, much sooner than I would have expected.”

2) Information Maven: Greg Meyer

“When I stepped onto the Level, I thought it was going to be like riding a skateboard — something I’ve never been able to do well — but it was more like a very subtle balance board.

I’m typing and balancing right now — and except for the occasional rock back and forth or side to side I don’t really notice — and the cool thing about that is that I don’t realize I’m doing any work until I step off the board.”

3) Scott Wyden Kivowitz

“For photographers who use a standing desk, like me, I highly recommend this. By using it, you will likely find yourself writing more, processing different, trying new things.

It has seriously increased my productivity, and although I understand the basic reasoning, it still boggles my mind how it does that.

The keyword here is ‘movement’.”

4) Meg Biram

Photo courtesy of Meg Biram via http://www.megbiram.com

“If you want even more movement in your day while standing, you can try The Level (shown above). I have one, and love it. It basically keeps your legs, butt, and core adjusting to constant instability and helps you with your balance. Some of the ladies in my studio tried it and were sore the next day! I think because I do yoga, I didn’t get sore, but I do like the additional movement while standing.”

5) Hungry & Fit

“Through movement, we live. Through movement, we are forced to find balance in our lives and this challenge helps keep both our mind and body sharp. It hones our instincts and develops our muscles. So why do we stop ourselves from moving so often? Why do we sit at a desk for hours at a time, depriving our body of one of its most important sources of growth?”

6) See Dane Run

“Second, you will use it every day because it is enjoyable to use. I figured it would be a once in a while sort of thing with me only using it on those days I want to rock out and spin and dip to some great music. But when my standing desk is up, I am using the FluidStance Level. When something which is marketed as being good for your health to use is actually fun to use, we can add another bonus points to the people at Fluidstance. Looks matter.”

7) The Brooks Review

Photo courtesy of The Brooks Review via https://brooksreview.net

“The Level is incredibly stable for something that has been designed to, well, not be stable. When you stand on it you constantly feel movement, but you never once feel like you might fall off of it. Even when you are caught off guard and rock back, it never feels unsafe.”

8) Reno Moms Blog

“Now that I have The Level, I find my feet will do surfing motions as I work, and other times, I’ll do the twist, which is fun and also gives my back a nice stretch.  There are times I find myself standing on one foot on The Level.  I’m actually entertained how easily my body adapts to all of these motions without impacting at all the way my upper body can type or navigate a mouse.”

9) Nick Byrd

“I’ve been looking for ways to move around at my standing desk. First, I looked into treadmill desks. They’re appealing, but they are pretty expensive, bulky, and they draw a lot of power. Then I found out about the The Level. The Level allows me to move around while I’m standing and it doesn’t have the drawbacks of a treadmill. Oh, and it’s fun to use. Really fun!”

10) Emily Binder

“While it’s simply a piece of wood framed by curved, die-cut aluminum, the product has fantastic design and an undeniable cool factor – it gets noticed.”

11) Brent Ozar

Photo courtesy of Brent Ozar via http://ozar.me

“After trying the Level, I’m a huge believer in that too. I thought it was going to be a total gimmick, but I use it every single day. I can’t imagine buying another one – it’s not like I need next year’s model or more futures. Like the Terra Pro, this is a lifetime purchase.”

12) Testhead

“It’s surprisingly comfortable, and it’s easy to get the hang of the sweet spot to balance with little effort. There’s something nice about having a product that you did not even know existed come into your reality and have you say “wow, I’ve waited years for this!” but of course you didn’t because you had no idea such a device even existed. I’m looking forward to using this balance board in the years to come.”

13) HelloErik: Experience Design Zealotry

“People come look at it and are sort of impressed by the wood and metal design. It does look very cool. They stand on it, and invariably try to do a 360.

On the topic of spinning, doing the 180 or 380 is surprisingly satisfying. Just to bust one out randomly while working is like this little mental break.”

14) Unfinished Man

“I’m constantly switching my legs around, sometimes even making whooshing noises, much to my girlfriend’s dismay. I’m crazy, I admit, but if you try one of these standing desk balance boards, I promise you’ll do the same. They’re so much fun that no reasonable person would avoid this.”

15) Emily Rocks the Road

“The Level has really upped my game at work, and has made the standing desk an entertaining perk instead of the groan-worthy accessory I insisted on for my “health” as it was starting to become for me. Hooray, work is fun again!”

16) Little Nostalgia

Photo courtesy of Little Nostalgia via http://www.little-nostalgia.com

“I’ve never felt like I might fall off or bump into the computer because the movements are small. It’s standing, but fun. (And beneficial.) I’ll be honest in that I’m mostly interested in how this helps my back, but I like knowing that the company itself is a good egg, too. The Level is made out of recycled metal in a solar-powered facility in California, and all parts of the process are done locally. I had to learn about manufacturing in design school, so I know how much work it is to source close to home. Props to them.”

17) The Good Life with Michelle Yandle

“It’s pretty awesome really. Looks cool, lots of fun to stand on and keeps my muscles engaged so my energy is increased and I’m not getting all the negative effects of sitting for hours.  Combined with my standing desk it is the ultimate. So, if you’re looking for something different for someone you know with a standing desk this Christmas – I do recommend the Fluidstance – it rocks”

18) Chase the Red Grape

“It’s easy to use and get in the habit of using and I love moving while I’m standing. It’s very relaxing to use too, with a slight bend in the knee there is a sense of ‘flowing’ rather than the rigidity of standing. Also when I stand I tend to, without realising, lean on one leg and slouch slightly – the Level eliminates this.”