Launch Day: Introducing the UpGrade™ System for Schools

When we decided to set the world in motion by introducing the Level® last year, we were thrilled that so many people joined us in our mission. We are now just as excited to announce the Kickstarter launch of the UpGrade™, an immediate solution to help change the way kids participate in a classroom setting.

The UpGrade™ System—comprising an adjustable height desk and three Grade™ decks—is a stand-alone learning station that lets teachers easily transform their classrooms into active learning spaces. Perfect for small groups or independent work, the UpGrade is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. We are also excited to introduce the Office UpGrade™ System—a great way to add movement for those of us no longer in school. Because our supporters were so instrumental in bringing the Level to market in January 2015, we have decided to turn to the crowdfunding model once again to build our movement. 

If you would like to add movement to your classroom or office, to your child’s homework time, or to a classroom associated with, please show your support by donating to or sharing our Kickstarter campaign. Thank you for joining us on our mission to help the world keep moving!

The FluidStance Team