What Moves You: Valeria Hinojosa of Water Thru Skin Talks Balance

In this latest edition of our What Moves You series, we talk to Valeria Hinojosa of WaterThruSkin®. Valeria was born and raised in Bolivia, but now calls Miami home. A certified yoga teacher and vegan chef, Valeria is a full-time conscious travel and lifestyle blogger who also hosts eco-retreats in amazing places around the globe, such as the Himalayas. She believes that life is truly about balance, making time for the things and people you love and making conscious decisions that have a broader impact.

After graduating from college, Valeria worked in the Private Banking world for almost five years. At the time, she was very focused on seeking a career that would give her “status,” a large salary, and VIP perks, so much so that she completely lost herself and eventually became miserable. A few years ago, she finally left Private Banking to focus on her own wellbeing and pursue the things that truly set her soul on fire. She feels now she truly understands that life is all about finding the right balance, making time for yourself and the things you love, and making conscious decisions that have a positive impact on someone other than yourself. Truly grasping the idea that we only have one life, now everything Valeria does is aimed at inspiring people to live a kind and adventurous, as well as conscious lifestyle, what she calls “Water ThruSkin.” 

How do you integrate motion into your day-to-day?

I am constantly moving. I do yoga daily, run from meeting to meeting with conscious companies and frequently travel the globe. I am so happy when my life is in motion. That was a big part of why I decided I needed to leave private banking. I just couldn’t be confined to a desk for 10 hours every day.

What is your FluidStance story?

I love my FluidStance Bamboo Level, I use it every morning in my yoga practice. It is an amazing tool that helps me to find a deeper kind of balance. I also use it to dance my bootie off on those days I crave non-stop laughter and inner-child time, or to work on my computer during those long entrepreneurial nights while making sure I keep my body moving. And of course, I love that it is made from sustainable materials.

Want to learn more about Valerie and Water Thru Skin? You can find her at:

Instagram: @waterthruskin
Web: Waterthruskin.com

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