Our Top 5 Tech Picks from CES 2019

Every January, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), brings together the biggest and best names in electronics to excite you with gadgets, gizmos, and other neat inventions. This year, we combed through both awesome and wacky tech to find the best of the best. Our top five tech picks will help you keep those new year’s resolutions all year long and kick butt at work with the best productivity, office and wellness tech.

Lenovo Smart Clock, $79

This Smart Clock by Lenovo is a big update from your old fashioned, and startling, beeping wake-up call. Use its gentle wake up settings to start your day calmly with slow ambient light that mirrors the sunrise. Have Google Assistant read off your calendar events for the day, the weather while you’re getting dressed, or an update on your morning commute before you hop in the car.

Besides its awesome bedroom capabilities, we think we you need two of these! One at your office desk could really help keep you on track throughout the day. Use the touch screen display to keep your calendar showing so you stay on track, charge your other devices from its USB port, play the tunes that get you in a productive mood, and ask Google Assistant questions when you’re stuck.

Samsung Space Monitor, $399-499

This Samsung Space Monitor is one of those top tech picks that made us immediately say, “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner!?” Free up desk space and reduce desk cord clutter with this sleek, modern monitor from Samsung. The 32 inch monitor attaches to the back of your desk allowing a completely flat profile against the wall. This would be awesome for small spaces that only allow a low profile desk option. The clamp and adjustable arm can go up, down, and pivot eliminating the need for bulky stands and affords endless comfortable viewing possibilities to seamlessly go from sitting to standing with your Level.

Matrix Industries Powerwatch 2

There’s no doubt in our minds that ‘game-ifying’ our health with activity monitors motivated us in 2018 to stand up more, take more steps, and increase our heart rate to meet those activity goals as many days as possible. The only thing holding us back from hitting those goals every single day wasn’t motivation, just lack of charge on our watches. Matrix Industries Powerwatch 2 recharges itself from your body heat and light. No more missed step counts or carrying your charger as a back up. This thing is 100% cord free!

The Powerwatch not only comes with a self charging feature, but comes with all the standard amenities you’d expect of a best in class smartwatch like GPS tracking, color display, and heart rate monitoring. You can get yours on an Indiegogo campaign that has raised over $1.1 million dollars so far.

Royole Flexible Keyboard

We love a product that allows us to work from anywhere and this flexible keyboard by Royole is definitely upping our digital nomad game. This incredibly thin keyboard connects to your computer via bluetooth and rolls up with the push of a button into the sleek case seen here. The founders say once rolled up, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket. You can turn your tablet or phone into a more functional device quickly and on the go. With a modern design and lightweight feel, this is definitely going to be part of our everyday carry, and much easier than those clunky, rubbery “foldable” ones on the market now. Keep this one on your watchlist as it isn’t available for purchase yet, but will be available later in 2019.

MOFT Laptop Stand, $19

OK, someone basically invented a PopSocket for your computer and we are here for it! The MOFT is a laptop stand that provides comfort and customization when you’re on the go, but folds up out of site when you aren’t using it. MOFT attaches to the back of your laptop with a strong adhesive and works for almost any size laptop. Weighing in at only 2.3 oz, and only 1/9” thick, it won’t add bulk on the go, but will help you maintain good posture and alignment while working from anywhere. One reviewer also noted the added benefit of increased cooling and circulation for their frequently overheating laptop as an added bonus! And at a price point of only $19, this one is a no brainer to treat yourself. 

New products are fun. New products that help us be more productive in our daily lives, both at work and at home, are just awesome. Enjoy!

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