Refresh and Reset Your Workspace in Time for Spring

We’ve turned the clocks forward and Spring is pretty much about sprung, which means it’s a great time to refresh and reset your workspace. Here are some tips on how to go about that, from the simple act of cleaning your desk off, to performing maintenance on your equipment, such as FluidStance balance boards, to refreshing your space with some new supplies.

Clear the Clutter

In our busier days, things can stack up. Literally. If you find yourself with faded old sticky notes strewn about your desk, file folders from last year still not stowed away, that funny but useless office gag gift collecting dust, or a cluttered desktop screen on your computer, now’s the time to take charge. 

Set aside a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon (how much real work do you get done then anyway?) and clear everything off your desk. Wipe down your desk and everything on it with an anti-bacterial cleaner—this includes your mouse, keyboard, lamp, desktop, mug, pens, everything! 

Establish four piles: File, Trash, Recycle, Keep. Sort through the items from your desk and office space accordingly, then put it all away. Now tackle your computer desktop and make sure files are properly organized. Remove anything from your desktop that has not been touched in the past 30 days, or that won’t be touched in the next 30.

Your space will be fresh, organized, clear, and most importantly, clean.

Do the Maintenance

Check all your office equipment. Is your laptop cord fraying? Order a new one. Are half the pens in your pen cup dead? Throw them out and replace. Are you out of sticky notes and just can’t take that clutter anymore? Get a Slope desktop whiteboard for your notes and doodles. Does your chair have a wobbly wheel? See if you can get that fixed, or better yet, move to a balance board for standing desks.

Speaking of which, if you use a FluidStance balance board, we have some specific instructions for its maintenance:

1. Tighten the Screws (Level and Original Only)

Tighten the screws on your deck

It’s rare, but the four corner screws might loosen over time from your moves. Just use a T15 Torx Key, which is available at most hardware stores for only a couple of dollars.

2. Swab the Decks (All FluidStance Models)

Clean Your Deck

Just like your floors, your deck sees the bottom of your shoe’s best work. When needed, clean your deck using mild soap and water, or even better, FluidStance’s green cleaner, Shine. Don’t forget to wipe down the bottom of your deck too, especially the fulcrum.

NOTE: Make sure the deck is dry and clear of any soap or cleaner prior to stepping back on it to ensure the necessary surface traction.

3. Lubricate the Joints (Level and Original Only)

lubricate your deck

Depending on your climate, the area where the wood and metal meet will benefit from a simple spray of lubricant to eliminate any creaking. This will not need to be done very often, if ever, but if you do experience any creaking, simply spray a natural wood polish around the bottom perimeter where the metal and wood meet. We recommend a natural polish like Bee’s Wax. Wipe-off any excessive lubricant. 

NOTE: DO NOT use polish on the top of the deck to maintain the necessary traction.  

Add Color and Life

Now that you’ve cleared, organized, cleaned and maintained, how about adding a little life to your day? A simple plant will do wonders for your mental state when you have your nose to the grindstone. Aside from its productivity benefits, plants also improve your air quality, enhance creativity, and make you happier. 

Adding pops of color will also boost your mood, whether it’s a bright yellow coffee mug, an orange lamp, or a lime green phone case. Talk about easy ways to refresh and reset your workspace!

We hope these tips help put a little “Spring” in your step. Happy working!