6 Tips To Help Relieve Back Pain

woman in black activewear placing hands behind back

If your workday must be spent sitting or standing in front of a computer,  you know we spend long hours immobilized, sometimes causing aches and pains.

Whether you are sitting or standing, prolonged exposure to these postures can lead to back pain and although your first impulse is to lie on a bed to relieve pain, the truth is that if you are completing your workday this is not an option.

When back pain appears the following 6 tips will help you relieve its effects or better yet, avoid them:

If you are sitting:

1. Your back should be slightly arched. Have the lower back against the back of the chair. Both your shoulders and head should be held up. Make sure the monitor is at the height of your field of vision.

2. Set reminders on your computer or phone that reminds you to get up from your seat and stretch. With your hands on your back, arch back to decontract. Go to the bathroom or get a glass of water. The movement will help you stretch your muscles.

3. Avoid crossing the legs, as this affects blood circulation. Keep them stretched and use a small bench under the desk on which to rest your heels.

If you are standing

4. Do not bend over. The normal posture of your spine should be in the form of “S”. To do this, follow this rule: Shoulders back, head, and neck straight.

5. Distribute the weight of your own body evenly, resting both feet shoulder-width apart.

6. If you must work behind a standing desk, try a small bench or board to support each foot alternately to avoid stiffness of the hip.

7. Adding an anti-fatigue mat (like FluidStance’s Springboard) to stand on, can help alleviate the aches and pains you may feel in your feet or knees.

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