Quick Tips for Sitting Actively with Your Level®

If you’re familiar with our 70:20:10 approach to movement (in which you start by spending 70 percent of your day sitting, taking 20 percent of your time to stand on the Level, and spending the remaining 10 percent of the day participating in real-life movement like walking or running), you know that we don’t preach standing all day as a solution to fighting the negative effects of sitting. Sitting actively for a short time can be a welcome period of rest, and switching between sitting and standing gives you an extra dose of movement and moderation in your life. But just because you’re sitting down doesn’t mean that you can’t still take advantage of your Level!

Whenever we decide to switch it up and sit down, we still like to keep our Levels under our feet. Just grab your Level, place it in front of your chair, and use it as a footrest while you work sitting. Using a footrest while you sit brings you a ton of ergonomic benefits, from increased blood circulation to relief of back pressure.

Use your Level as a footrest while sitting down. 

Increasing the blood flow to your feet helps to fight off the development of blood clots and other scary effects of sitting for too long. Just gently rock your feet on the Level as you sit, keeping your legs moving and happy. A footrest keeps your back happy, too, as it helps you sit with the correct posture to take pressure off your back.

So next time you decide to take a seat, keep your Level under your feet as a footrest. It’s a great way to get a stretch into your ankles and calves and—our favorite part—to bring movement to a sedentary moment. Play around with your stance and range of foot movement, and let us know what stretches you love!