DIY Standing Desk Ideas You’ll Want to Try Right Now

If you’re going the DIY standing desk route with your new standing desk, you’re going to have to get creative. We’ve compiled some of our favorite standing desk creations—some of which are even adjustable—to jump-start your inspiration.

1) The Desk Hidden in a BookShelf

Perfect for all you bookworms out there, this desk blends in perfectly with your office library. If you already have built-in shelves, just clear enough room for your monitor and keyboard (this may involve a little de-construction of existing shelves). Check out this DIY guide to adding your own built-in shelves to your workspace. (via Apartment Therapy)

2) The Collapsible Milk Crate Desk

The creator of this desk explains:

“Personally I have to be a bit more flexible with my working space and I also wanted to be able to work out exactly what heights things would be comfortable at. So I hacked a quick and dirty prototype of a standing desk that can easily be folded down when I want to sit or when I need to take my entire editing set-up down. Although it looks a bit crazy it is actually very sturdy and takes only 10 seconds to put away completely. The cook books holding up the keyboard crate were added in after a day or two as I found the keyboard slightly uncomfortable. A couple of inches made all the difference.” (via PremiumBeat)

3) The Desk that Belongs in a Forest

Whether or not your workspace is located in the woods, you’ll appreciate the natural beauty of this standing workstation designed and crafted by Barrett Morgan. Complete with drawers and a cable management system, this desk is a functional yet handsome addition to your office. (via Barrett Morgan Design, LLC)

4) The Floating Desktop

After struggling to find the perfect standing desk (especially at the perfect price), the creator of this desk set out to build his own. With just a desktop surface, a couple brackets, and a handful of screws, you can build this unassuming desk into your own workspace. The best part? The total cost is only about $40. (via

5) The Sawhorse Desk

Simple yet chic, this standing desk elevates the rugged look of the sawhorses that bring it to standing height. This version uses an Ikea countertop as the desktop, but you can use nearly any surface (even an old door topped with glass, according to the creator). (via Mint Design Blog)

6) The Industrial Piping Desk

When it comes to configuring your standing desk to suit your workspace, this desk—made of steel pipes and wood blocks—provides endless possibilities. With a few pipes (just ensure they’re cut to the correct height for your standing needs), Kee Klamp fittings, and a smooth wooden surface to top it off, you’re set to create your own industry-inspired standing desk. (via Steven Slack)

Still not sure which desk you’d like to go with? Check out our guide to buying an adjustable desk for tips on what to look for in your new desk. And remember: if you’re using your standing desk with a Level®, be sure to account for the extra 2.5 inches of added height so you can work comfortably!