6 Design Hacks That Will Add Movement to Your Workday

Our team at FluidStance wants to help you be moved, especially as you go through your workday. While we have some great tips for adding movement to your office for free, we’ve also been asked about ways that design can influence how much movement you get throughout the workday. These design hacks—which range from simple fixes to more in-depth renovations—can help any office focus on movement and employee health:

Move the water cooler. 

Your team probably takes short water breaks throughout the day—when you add a few extra steps to the mix, the additional movement can quickly add up. Folks at the office will not only get more movement throughout the day, but they’ll also have the opportunity to re-focus on work after a longer screen break.

Elevate your common meeting area. 

Even if it’s not feasible to get the whole team on standing desks (or if your whole team already has the option to stand at their own desks), there are still ways to get your office sitting less and moving more. Creating an area that allows for stand-up meetings or individual work provides variety and can help people jump-start their workflow.

Build a variety of work areas. 

This one is along the same lines as creating a standing meeting area, but the main purpose is to get your team moving between workstations throughout the workday. Plus, moving from a traditional desk to a couch to a standing desk throughout the course of your workflow can allow for creativity, innovation, and productivity that won’t come from sitting in one spot all day.

Reserve elevators for those who need them. 

Instate a policy that encourages those who can to take the stairs. Taking the stairs in the morning can jump start your day and give you a little energy boost before entering the office, in addition to providing that extra daily movement.

Offer movement tools. 

Several companies promote healthy physical activity by offering bikes or scooters for employees to use during or outside of work hours. Here at FluidStance, we have a designated space in our warehouse to store kayaks, surfboards, and SUP boards that the team can take out to the water during lunchtime or after the workday.

Provide a designated workout space. 

This can mean an onsite gym or even just a quiet room for office yoga. The most important part is to make it a viable option for your team to take a mind-clearing movement break before, during, or after the workday.