Quick tips for getting some movement in during holiday travel

‘Tis the season…for sitting in planes, trains and cars.  While we can’t help you with delayed flights and icy roads, we can help you keep the blood flowing with our quick tips for getting some movement while you’re on the road.  

Traveling by Air?

Take a hike:  Flights are inevitably delayed during the holiday season. We send good thoughts your way for clear skies, but if you do find yourself delayed, take an extra lap around the airport or hike over to the next terminal for food, coffee, or a snack instead of the place closest to your gate.

Squats:  On those restroom airport breaks, opt for the larger handicap bathrooms when possible and bust out a set of 10 squats. A little awkward perhaps, but small price to pay for a quick hit of energy.

Seat crunches:  Hours upon hours in an airplane seat is death.  Keep yourself sane by doing 10 small crunches every time a flight attendant passes your row.  To do them, simply lift your feet off the floor and toward your chest as much as the leg room allows.  In the course of a 3 hour flight, you could get up to 100 crunches in.  Not bad at all.

Stand and stretch:  It only takes 20 minutes for the blood flow to the back of your knees to decrease by 50% when sitting. Ugh. Opt for an aisle seat and set a reminder on your phone to stand up and stretch every 20-30 minutes. Stretch your arms overhead with your shoulders relaxed, root through your right foot, then lean to your left. Take some deep breaths into your side body, then repeat on the other side. 

Traveling by Vehicle?

Jump or Push:  Most rest areas have a scenic view.  Catch a great view while pumping out a quick 20 jumping jacks or jump rope.  No can do?  Use a railing or short wall for a quick set of wall push-ups.

Get some distance:  Use the furthest gas pump and walk inside to pay.  If you stop at restaurants on the way, park in the furthest spot from the doors.

Build those biceps:  Get some bicep curls in with luggage as you load and unload it.

Stretch it out:  Toe touches, hamstring stretches, quad stretches, and calf raises and stretches can all be done near your car with hardly any strange looks shot your way.  Hold onto your vehicle for balance if needed.

Do you have any quick tips for getting some movement? Let us know and we’ll share it with our FluidStance® friends!