5 Fun Office Wellness Challenges

If you’re like most of us, you spend a lot of time at work—an average of 47 hours a week if you work full-time—so why not make that time as healthy (and fun) as possible? One of the most fun ways to stay healthy at work is to jump-start an office wellness challenge with your coworkers.

An office wellness challenge has proven benefits: working out together has been shown to boost team motivation, ramp up endorphins, and even help us stick with a workout for 87% longer than if we were to do it alone. Whether your team decides to focus on physical fitness or holistic health, there’s a lot to gain from doing it together. Participating in a wellness challenge can be as simple as doing a pop-up workout on your FluidStance deck or as involved as setting up a bracket system for everyone to join. Check out these five fun challenges and choose one to start with your team this week!

1. Reach your step count.

Even the most reluctant movers among us can commit to a walking competition. Set a daily step count or a time goal (like 10,000 steps or 90 minutes of walking), and reward those who meet the goal every day. The competition can be easily adapted for those who are differently abled—just substitute in an activity like swimming, meditation, or whatever best suits your office culture. 

2. Work toward 100 push-ups.

Chances are that most people in your office can’t drop and give you 20, let alone 100. The good news? You’ll all have a common goal to work toward! Check out a training program like Hundred Pushups, which claims to help you get to 100 consecutive push-ups over the course of six weeks. Even if you don’t all make it to 100, you’ll have fun trying!

3. Set a daily habit.

Wellness is about more than just exercise. Help your team build healthy habits by committing to do it together! Points go to anyone who brings a lunch instead of eating out, opts for the stairs rather than the elevator, chooses to step out of the office for a walking meeting, or engages in another healthy habit. Reward the winner with a prize like an Apple Watch or FluidStance Level to keep the competition fierce. 

4. Create a bracket.

See who in the office is the ultimate balance champ or push-up pro! This is a great way to get everyone in your office involved—even those who are not able to participate in physical challenges. Share a blank tournament bracket that everyone can fill out, matching up those who would like to compete and placing bets on the winner. The winning participant gets a prize, as does the winning bracket-creator!

5. Do a pop-up workout.

There’s no better cure for the post-lunch slump than a pop-up workout. Our team collaborated with The Lab and Peak Performance Project to create our Pop-Up Workout Series, which features quick workouts like a single leg balance or variations on the plank. The best part? You can incorporate your FluidStance deck into all of them! Choose one pop-up workout for every day of the workweek, rally the team, and get started.

Do you have ideas for more Office Wellness Challenges? Comment below or email us at [email protected].