How to Energize Your Workday

The modern workplace makes it difficult to stay energized. Many people sit at their desks all day and have limited activity when they get home. Your schedule may be so busy that you can’t even pay attention to your overall wellness. It’s a struggle to get out of this rut.

A solution? Add anabolic energy to your day. Anabolic energy is the type of energy generated by endorphins and oxytocin, which are known as “feel-good” chemicals. It’s a positive energy that promotes constructive behaviors and feelings. This type of energy can help you take steps to reach your goals and have better interpersonal relationships. One particularly important characteristic of anabolic energy is its ability to lower stress.

Concerns About Sedentary Work

Tension can build up in our wrists from texting, typing, writing, and working on the computer. In this video, we focus on relieving tension by stretching out our hands and wrists. By giving attention to our pain points, we alleviate discomfort and liven the blood flow through our body.

A common misconception about desk jobs is that they have fewer risks to a worker’s health, compared to manual labor and other hands-on positions. However, the health impacts of sitting too much can be profound. 

How to Increase Anabolic Energy at Work

There are several ways to increase your anabolic energy during the course of your workday.

1. Standing Desks: One simple way to fight back against the risks of sedentary work is to remove sitting from the equation. It takes some time to adjust to a standing desk, but it’s a great way to energize your workday.

2. Balance Boards: You can make standing desks or stand up meetings even more effective by using balance boards. Since these boards activate many muscles involved in the balancing process, it can help generate positive energy and a mindful experience at work.

3. Changing Scenery: Do you have the option to work from home or at a remote location? Or maybe even shifting from your desk to some other space—a conference room or lounge, for example. Try changing up the scenery, especially if you can go out into nature. Take a call while walking, or sit outside at a coffee shop and work. The fresh air and change in your routine can help mix things up.

4. Exercising at Work: An hour of exercise can release anabolic energy and decrease your risk of conditions associated with too much sitting. Does your workplace offer a fitness center as a job benefit, or is there one close enough to visit during a lunch break? If not, go for a walk, climb some stairs, or try to learn some exercises that you can do in your office.

Channeling Positive Energy to Help Your Success

Living a balanced lifestyle  means ensuring that each box is checked in your life, not just fueling your body with quality food and moving daily, but making sure you’re happy with your career, finances, relationships, etc. If one area is lacking, everything feels a bit off. It’s always a work in progress! Wellness is a journey, not a destination.

Now that you have been able to energize your workday, what do you do with it? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Help create a positive work environment for your immediate coworkers. When you’re happy, approachable, and positive about your work, you can have a long-term impact on their experience and the company culture as a whole.

2. Brainstorm new ways to improve your productivity and implement them. You may have business processes that aren’t optimized, so try finding better ways to achieve the same goals.

3. Use this new energy to take on more responsibility or move into a leadership role. You can use your confidence to further your career and elevate your coworkers along with you.

Anabolic energy can be a positive force for good, both in your personal and professional life. By energizing your workplace you can find more opportunities for growth and success.

How about you…how do you energize your workday? Comment below or email us at [email protected].