Beat the Afternoon Slump

We’ve all been there. We get to work and are having a productive day of getting things done and then it hits us. The dreaded Afternoon Slump. Now we can’t focus and there is very little energy even though lunch has already passed. Here are some ways to kick that slump to the curb and get back into the groove. 


Most of us aren’t aware that 73% of our brain is composed of water. Unable to focus? Your brain might be thirsty. Staying hydrated also helps to regulate mood, emotions, and memory. While many of us may reach for that caffeine punch to give us the energy we’re looking for, it’s best to stay away from it due to its dehydrating effect. Plus, it only gives a temporary buzz before a you crash again. 

Get Moving

Going for a quick walk around the block gets your heart beating faster and you take in more oxygen. Getting more oxygen helps to wake up the brain and gets rid of that tiredness from the afternoon slump. It also helps you think more creatively, loosens up those muscles, lowers stress levels and lowers blood pressure as well. Can’t take the time for a walk? How about 10 jumping jacks, a trip up and down some stairs, or maybe just make sure you’re riding a FluidStance deck…the natural movement increases your heart rate.

Seek the Sun

This goes along with going for a walk. If you’re outside walking around the block, chances are you are getting some sunlight as well. Walking in sunshine has many benefits for your body, from creating Vitamin D, improving sleep, boosting your mood, and more

Eat a (Healthy) Snack

Another possible cause of the afternoon slump? Your brain is screaming for more power and has already used up the energy gained from breakfast, lunch, and whatever caffeinated beverages you may have had. Healthy snacks are best; bananas in particular are good and oranges are also fantastic; may as well  get your daily requirement of Vitamin C while you’re at it.  

Step Away from the Screen

Sometimes the best way to get out of the afternoon slump is to step away from your computer, phone, or other electronic device for a few minutes. They may be causing eye strain, or the light from the computer itself could be an issue issue. This might be a good time to review handwritten notes, make your grocery list, or head to the water cooler for a drink.

Switch Tasks

Honestly, sometimes just switching things up is enough to reboot your brain and give you a boost of fresh energy. If you’re bored or tired of a task you’ve been working on for awhile, put a bookmark in it and find something else to work on. How about returning some phone calls?

When it comes to figuring out how to get out of your slump, try a different task first. If that doesn’t work, hydrate and eat a snack. If the slump still persists, then it might be time to get away from the screen, take a walk, and get some sun. 

How do you beat the slump? Comment below or email us at [email protected].